Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Homeopathic Medicine Chest

I opened my medicine chest today (yep, this medicine chest is in the middle of my kitchen cabinets) because my son has the beginnings of a cold.  I looked at my shelf full of homeopaths, that a year ago, would have sounded like a foreign language to me.   Homeopathic medicine is something that I wished that I had learned about earlier as a mother.  I have only been introduced to it within the last year, as I searched for a way to detox my Autistic child safely.   Now,we use homeopathic medicine with all my kids, and it has made a huge difference in our lives.  My Autistic son who has been on it for a year, is now speaking in sentences on a constant basis.  His language is continually expanding as we see him put forth great effort to make himself understood.  A year ago we were just so happy that he was up to four words in a sentence, when he used them. Now he is using contractions, and expressing his emotions in words.  We are on the road to improvement, though homeopaths are slow, I feel like they are surely going to help him become the best he can be.     So I wanted to share some of the basics in our homeopathic medicine chest.  This is a whole family list for the every day events that are bound to happen.

1. Arnica- good for traumas.  Like you twist your ankle, or pulled a muscle.  This is for simple pulls not the kind that needs casts and such.
2. Arsenium Album - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
3. Belladonna- for redness and swelling of an injury, teething, earaches, sore throats
4. Calendula cream- eczema (mild), dermatitis, diaper rashes, cuts and scrapes
5. Chamomile- fussiness, teething, illness, has a sedative calming property
6. Gelsenium- achiness, flu like symptoms, headache, (we use it in the place of Tylenol for our son that is literally allergic to every over the counter drug for reducing fevers and headaches.  This was a life saver for us.)
7. Eucalyptus oil- a few drops in our saline solution in our nebulizer or it can be added to a warm bath and inhaled that way to help clear up rattled breathing and opening the airways.

As with all things if you have concerns or on other prescriptions you should check with your Physician.   This is just a general list of what we use and has worked great for us.  If you guys have homeopaths that you have used to solve some of your common problems I would love to hear it.  None of this is medical advice.  So please don't take it as such.

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