Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rambling on about Snow and Seeds

 I went out to get my mail today, and my seeds arrived.  Yeahhhh!   I bought  some lettuce, tomatoes, huckleberries, sunberries, and leeks.  Last year as I dared to venture in to Square Foot Gardening, my good friend Julie introduced me to a great place to buy seeds.  Seed Savers Exchange, ,
"Since 1975, Seed Savers Exchange members have passed on approximately one million samples of rare garden seeds to other gardeners. We are a non-profit organization of gardeners dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. " 

Secretly, I would love to be a great gardener.  But alas, I am very mediocre.  This will be my second year square foot gardening and I took notes as to what grew and what did not.  I noticed what veggies were under vicious attack by pests and have been searching for natural ways to rid my garden of them this year.   My children each plant a fruit or vegetable of choice, and tend their square.   My son wanted a pear tree, so last year we planted a dwarf one.   So we are up to one dwarf pear and one dwarf apple tree.  We had our first apple crop last year.  A  proud twenty two spotted apples.  Though some weren't edible because they  had some sort of disease.  I have a whole new appreciation for farmers that must be constantly vigilant in tending their gardens and orchards.  They are a lot of work.  But nothing beats the taste, and seeing my kids race to the garden to pick the fixins for the salad out of our garden for dinner that day.  

So I want to say to anyone that is fighting allergies.  Take that friends advice like I did and start a garden.  Buy a few seeds, plant them and be amazed at what you get, (and sometimes what you don't).  I am still learning, reading, and asking others for advice.  I hope you will consider what you would plant in a garden if you had one, and then go order and wait for you seeds to arrive in your mailbox too.   

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