Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rambling on..

    I went to our naturopathic doctor the other day... and we were once again discussing allergies for several of my kids.  During the course of the conversation, came the inevitable list of things that are wrong with our food these days....

 Eczema is often caused by eggs in the diet. 
 Canola is a GMO unless it is organic, but I should try to avoid it in general. 
 All corn is a GMO- try to find it organic and unaltered if you have to eat it. 
 Try to buy all organic produce so you skip pesticides and such. 
   The more I learn, the more I realize that what the food industries do to our food, just might be killing us.  Just when I thought I had things down, I find out something else they are doing to our food, needing to avoid that too.  I found out about "farm raised" seafood the other day, and it was awful.  Not buying any more of that stuff.   I read another article about the top eight produce that not even the farmers who raise them would eat.   The farmers actually grow a seperate crop for themselves away from the ones that they grow for the grocery stores.  Now that is telling you something.   It can be sooooo overwhelming, especially when you are trying to avoid the foods that sets off an Autistic child.  They can be sensitive to so many things.
     I feel like we are allergic to everything.  Do you know that feeling?  People often ask me after learning our families restrictions,"So what do you guys eat."  Nothing is always my response.   No... we do eat, but everything takes time to prepare, and nothing is instant.  I realized that on this blog that I love dessert recipes and I spend a lot of time cooking them.  I always say that  I could just skip the main course and go straight for dessert.   Anyway...I voiced a wish of mine the other day, that I wanted someone to hand me a list of main dishes for a month and I wouldn't have to figure it out every week.  So with that, I thought I would ( here soon) do a few weekly main dish plans that maybe will help you out.  We eat these regularly because they are the kids favorites.  I would love to hear from you guys, with what your families love to eat regularly.  It would be great to get new ideas and swap allergy friendly recipes.  So I hope people will post some of their favorites, so they can become ours too!


  1. We just do the best we can! I love interviewing "old timers" about life in the good old days. Especially asking questions of how they cooked & farmed. Cause they didn't have all the food stuff to deal with that we do. Most of the time they'd tell me, "If I needed a snack, I walked over to the tree & pulled an apple off my tree, or walk into the peanut patch."

    My daughter is allergic to dyes. So along these same lines, why can't we just teach people that cheddar cheese is really white? (We don't need color), or oranges have some green spots, so they won't inject dye in the peels? Education would really help everyone have less allergies & much safer foods. I have to work so hard at food like you my friend! But I'm glad that I can get educated about the best choices for me & my family. Thanks for helping in my education about other food choices I can have. And I'll dust my trees with lime instead of bad stuff, -lime like the old Virginia farmers used to do. :)

  2. I have never thought about that but you are so right. When I use to visit my grandparents, there was always a crop growing in the yard, grapes on the vine, and apples in the tree. There was always a snack around. And sure enough there were plenty of spots on the apples and when I bit in they were always way yummier than anything that we bought in the store. And by the way... I was one of those people that thought white cheese was always so exotic.... funny how that is, that with all that fake stuff in our food, that we begin to think that it is normal. We easily forget what is real. Thanks for your comments, Julie!