Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trip to the Spice shop

My autistic son was flapping a lot the other day and I noticed that he had consumed quite a bit of hot sauce with his hot wings.  Having been on the Feingold diet some time ago, I decided to pull peppers from his diet to see if there is any link.  Anyways,  I made a trip to my favorite spice store Penzeys today.  I have been looking for a combination of spices that would give me heat in the food without the pepper.  I was looking for a heat replacement in things like Salsa, taco seasoning, and hot wings.  I found some interesting stuff at the spice store.  There are pink peppercorns that are suppose to be spicy.  They are not true peppercorns, so this would be good for any one allergic to black pepper.  Then I also found out that allspice gives your tongue the same sensation as eating something spicy, but not necessarily the same intensity of, lets say a cayenne pepper.  I also found the herb Epazote that I can use in Mexican dishes to give more flavor when I have to omit heat.  I am still searching around for a spice that gives heat without being a pepper.  I guess I will keep poking around until I find something.  Let me know if you guys know of something.

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