Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rambling about Evaluations

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Got a postcard from the County last week.  It was a reminder that Homeschoolers need to make sure that they get their evidence of progress in by August.

This is the time of  year that I reflect on how we have done homeschooling this past year, and where we are going this upcoming year.   So, I wanted to share my favorite resources that I used this past year.

It is a purchasing co-op that  lets homeschoolers have the purchasing power that school systems have.  It is FREE!  I have been a member for four years now and I buy regularly.  They offer a lot of neat stuff.

Discover Education Science and Streaming
I purchased this from the above, homeschoolersbuyers co-op.  It has thousands of videos to supplement your lessons.  All my kids love this, and it works well with our special needs kids as well.

Rainbow Resource
I love this catalog because they have thousands of resources for homeschooling products.

Beyond Play
This has great products for early intervention products up to the elementary years.  I buy products here for my Down's and Autistic children.

Baby Signing Time
I know most people will not need this resource, but if you have a need to teach an alternate system of communication, for a language delayed child, this is a great set of videos.  All my kids enjoy them, and use the signs readily around the house.

Another special needs resource for kids with hip abduction.  These really work!  If you have sewing ability you could probably make these your selves.

Handwriting without Tears
I have used this with all my kids.  It may be too juvenile with kids that are more advanced, but I have kids that really like things broken down into sequential components.  Works well with my special needs kids.

Key To Curriculum Series
If you scroll down, you will see the Key to Series of Algebra, Fractions, etc.    I own all of these and they are again for kids that like things broken down into the smallest steps and like to take things sequentially.  Love these.

Starfall (preschool and early elementary website)
I use this website for the interaction with the alphabet.  My Autistic son loves this one.

We use this with our kids so they have a certain amount of independence with their school, and then they have school time with the teacher (Me!).   It allows me to have them doing an online lesson while I have classroom time with other kids.  My kids really like it and  I like the fact that I can track their work.

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