Friday, April 2, 2010

Young Baby Coconuts

 I was in my local Asian Supermarket, and shopping for a regular, brown, round coconut, when I spotted a young baby coconut.  I thought to myself,  Wow! For fifty cents more, they have already taken the outer shell off and I can just get to scooping out the coconut meat.  This is great! Less work!
     That just goes to show you what I know about young coconuts. Nothing.  This was going to be my first experience with a young baby coconut.   I got it home and started grating away.  What?  What is this?  It was fibery and gross, as I shredded away.  I certainly couldn't use this in my cookies and granola bars.  I decided to cut through the hairy husk and quickly hit upon a very hard core. 
    Exasperated,  I thought,  "Oh, come on!  I just want some coconut meat!"  I realized that I was totally clueless and ran to the internet to look up this mysterious, young baby coconut.   I happened upon this website,  It talked about how there is less meat in a young coconut as compared to a mature one.  Bummer!  I was actually looking for quantity.  So, if I wanted the same amount of coconut meat as a mature one, I would need to buy at least two young coconuts.  It was also very descriptive about how to cut it open.  Hallelujah!  The down side was, what I thought was going to be less work, was really the same amount.
     I finally got my coconut open (lots of hammering) and scooped out the soft flesh.  It tasted great!  I saved the coconut water, and cooked with it.  It gave wonderful flavor to my oatmeal!  (We like to cook with coconut milk when we prepare our oatmeal.)  I would definitely buy it again.  I chopped up the flesh, because it was so soft that I couldn't easily grate it.  I am going to use it in my granola bars.  I can hardly wait!

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