Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Allergen Free Baking Handbook - Review

   Smells of cookies, chocolate zucchini bread, and cake have been filling my home.  I have loved every minute of it!  I have cooked several of the recipes that grabbed my attention in The Allergen Free Baking Handbook, and I have had deliciously, consistent results.

     Grade for this cookbook:  A+  in taste, texture, and accuracy of the recipe.   Following the recipe as written gave consistent success the first time around.   Every recipe that I tested was gobbled up by our family with mom getting requests for more!

  Now on a side note.  I have a confession-- I have been cooking gluten free for years, and up until this time, I didn't have a GF cookbook on my bookshelf.  The reason?  Because I have checked out many a GF cookbooks from the library with disappointing results in the kitchen.  The food would often turn out gritty and inedible.  I would try several more recipes, and the ending was always the same---I was left angry that I wasted so much of my time, and that my money was sitting in the trash with food I didn't even get to eat.  What a waste of ingredients!  So, I have to tell you, when you I tried several recipes in The Allergen Free Baking Handbook, and I had success after success, I was thrilled.  If there is a recipe in the cookbook that isn't up to snuff,  I haven't found it yet.   The recipes are delicious, with not a hint a grittiness in any of my desserts that I tried.  I now own my first gluten free cookbook and very happy with it!

     I have listed below the recipes that I tested.   Also, following this post are three recipes that Ten Speed Press has given me permission to reprint.  So give them a try, and decide for yourself!

Sponge Cake:

I have to tell you, even when I ate gluten, sponge cake was not really my thing,  but this one tastes really good.  My kids devoured it before I could get a full slice.  The one thing that I did love about this cake was it's versatility.  I used it in my strawberry pie (which, I never got to take a final picture with the strawberry glaze put on top.... the kids ate the pie while I was taking a phone call!), and in my parfaits.

Thin Crispy Oatmeal Cookies:

Once again, the kids devoured these up within ten minutes.  These were truly delicious cookies.  I loved how big the cookies came out.  You would think with the size of these cookies, that one would be enough, but they were addictive!  Oh my waistline!  I ate four in one sitting!

Chocolate Chunk Blondie Cookies:

These are beautiful cookies and taste just as great.  This was another recipe that all ten of us in the family gave the thumbs up.  This recipe is found in the post below. 

Chocolate Zucchini Bread:

This chocolate bread was a huge hit.  I added nuts because my kids aren't allergic to walnuts, and it was fantastic.  It wasn't crumbly when you cut it, but was moist, and chocolately.  Another food that was a huge hit with our crew.

Blueberry Boy Bait:

     I have never had a bait before, and it was delicious.  It is a nice change of pace from a cobbler, that has lots more fruit.  My kids aren't wild about fruit desserts, but liked this one because it was more cake than fruit.  Loved this!  The recipe is in the following post below.

I you like all of these recipes and you want to keep up with Cybele, she has her own website http://www.cybelepascal.com/.   I see listed on her website that she will now be blogging weekly on the Body and Soul for Martha Stewart!  Yeah, for Cybele!

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