Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Baggie Rack

For years, I wished I had more hands.  More hands to grab kids, more to clean my house faster, and more to get the cooking done in fifteen minutes.  But alas, I still only have the two with which God gave me.  I wish at times that I had just a touch of that Harry Potter magic, and could be like Mrs. Weasley, where her pots are being stirred by an invisible hand.

Since, I am sure that I am not going to get any more hands, and if I use my children's hands, there will be  more flour on the floor than in my bags.  I was quite thrilled to receive this nifty gadget from my mother the other day.  (I call her the queen of kitchen gadgets.  And she has some pretty neat stuff!)  It was this baggie rack.  My mother knows how much time that I spend mixing together flours and putting them into ziploc baggies, so that I can whip them out when I need them.  I spend a couple of hours every weekend, making up twelve bags of my bread machine bread mix, so that I can just dump them out every morning to have freshly baked bread.

I have taken a picture of my apple green baggie rack.   No magic, but it does effectively hold up my plastic bags as I fill them.  The arms of the rack are adjustable to allow for different sized bags.  It also has arms that rotate, allowing the holder to lie flat and fit into a kitchen drawer.

I love my baggie rack!

The purchased the stand from  but they no longer seem to sell it--as far as I have checked as of March 2011.

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