Saturday, July 17, 2010

Buying GF Flours in Bulk

I am a person who believes in emergency essential planning, and often buy things in bulk.   I was excited when my sister pointed out an article that I had missed reading in my Martha Stewart Living magazine.  It was a small paragraph on where to buy GF flours in bulk!   I was very interested.  The place is called Dakota Prairie Flour Company.  Their flours are certified gluten free;  they are organic, and Kosher.

That is a picture of my 25 lb bag of white rice flour.  I also ordered 25 lbs. of potato starch.  The customer service rep was friendly on the phone, and my shipment was delivered fairly quickly (seeing as they are located in North Dakota and I am here in Virginia).  Shipping was about $ 30.00.  I paid roughly $26.00 for each 25lb bag.  Note-- They do come in bigger sizes,  just check their website.  Breaking it down, with shipping and handling for my area,  I paid approximately $1.65 a pound for both my white rice flour and potato starch.  Not a bad price here, for the Washington D.C. area.

I placed my order over the phone and discovered in talking to the customer service lady, that they have received so much business from the publicity in Martha Stewart's magazine,  that they are currently reworking their infrastructure in terms of the ease of placing orders.  Before Martha exposure, they did not take paypal or credit cards, nor were they set up to take online orders.  They are in the processing of changing all of that.  So maybe by the time you order, some of those conveniences will be available.   So far, I am very pleased with them.  A thumbs up from me !

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