Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food for Life GF English Muffins

     Another product that I found recently in my grocer (Whole Foods, and MOM's ) was the Food for Life GF english muffins.  They come in two varieties, brown rice, and multiseed.  Both are extremely delicious.  They taste just like regular gluten muffins.  I was excited to make pizzas like I use to when I was a kid.  Crack open the english muffin, spoon on some Ragu pizza sauce, and top with cheese, and voila!  Lunch!  Now, we use these gf muffins, preservative free, all natural pizza sauce, and buffalo cheese, with delicious results.  My kids adore them and they are quick for me to make.

     We also make Mc Muffin type sandwiches for breakfast, and they kids make warm peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  They are a welcome addition to our GF pantry.  I would highly recommend these.

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  1. My local gluten free store went out of business, and I could no longer find my beloved Glutino English Muffins. I picked these up, frozen, at Fred Meyers. My first impression when taking them out of the package: very heavy, like hockey pucks! Let them thaw, still hockey pucks. Very difficult to split (get a hacksaw!). Toasted on the highest setting, did not brown at all, warm hockey pucks. Covered with butter, peanut butter, & jam. Like eating sawdust. The rest went in the garbage.