Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Joan's Italian Bread Loaves

     I just found a new item being carried in our local supermarket in the Washington DC area.  It is a wonderful frozen bread that you can thaw out and use numerous ways.  I had first tasted Joan's products at a celiac convention in Maryland.  Her bagels and english muffins were the tastiest gluten free bread I had ever had.  No lie, they tasted no different than a gluten bagel.  They are a company based out of New York, and you can order any of their products over the Internet at  I will say that they are a bit pricey.  Delicious, but pricey.  I never ordered any on line, mainly because most of her products contain egg and cornstarch.

    I found her Italian bread loaves in the frozen section and was surprised to find that the ingredient list contained no eggs, no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no cornstarch but does use xanthan gum ( if you are very sensitive to corn).  The loaves were still pricey, a whopping $8.99!   They sell them for $7.00 on the website, but that is without the shipping and handling.

    I loved the bread!  I cut the three loaves in half, greased my hands and rolled them a little longer to make them into hot dog buns.  I noticed a few things, my first whirl around making these loaves.  I tried the microwave instructions for a quick defrost, and was not as happy with how it thawed out as opposed to letting it thaw out over night.  If you have the time, it is much better if you thaw it out over night.  Also brush the tops with oil so that they brown nicely.  I didn't brush them with oil the first time and they stayed a pasty white.  You can see the pictures below that I used the buns for hot dogs and meatball subs.  Yuuumm!

I also want to mention that the consistency and texture of the cooked bread is smooth and not gritty---a real plus!  The only thing I noticed was that they were a bit dense.  Otherwise, they were delicious.    I am looking forward to using the bread to make pretzels, and roll out some dough to make calazones.  I was even thinking of making bread twists.  I am excited for the possibilities!

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