Sunday, September 19, 2010

Popped Sorghum- A popcorn replacement

      YEAH!  FOR MINI POPS!  This stuff is wonderful!  It tastes just like popcorn!  I am happy to report that where I have failed to pop sorghum at home, that there is a company that does it perfectly.    I have tried several times at home to pop sorghum and have ultimately ended up burning it every time--- leaving me only with that permeating burnt popcorn smell that haunts your house for days afterward.  
     My corn free son just loves these Mini Pops.  Now I can take a bag to the movies with us and he has his own bag of "popcorn".    I order it straight from the website above.  It comes in several flavors, including sea salt and plain, if you have dairy or other allergies.  You can easily take a bag of plain mini pops and flavor it at home.  
     This product is worth adding to your pantry if you are living corn free.  Excellent taste!

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