Friday, January 21, 2011

Dairy Free Hot Chocolate Packs

Photo by Clarita

I make up these packs to send with my kids when they go to their activities where they will be serving dairy hot chocolate. 

Mix all the ingredients together.  Place in a baggie.  To serve - mix the hot chocolate mix with 1 cup of hot water.

Note:  If you chose to use another brand of dairy free powder and hot chocolate mix, then use the powdered milk instructions for how much powder milk it takes to make 1 cup of milk and how much the instructions call for making one cup of hot chocolate.  I add sugar because when I made a cup, it was not sweet enough.

If you use the brand of ingredients stated above,  I used the following measurements:

  • 3tsp DariFree
  • 1Tbsp heaping of Penzey's Hot Chocolate Mix
  • 1-1/2 tsp sugar

Wrapping idea: If you want to dress up your packages you can cut squares from very nice paper.  For example, you can use old calendars, card stock, or scrapbooking paper.  Cut any size square that fits your needs.

Fold opposite corners so they meet in the middle. 

 Fold the other opposite corners so they over lap.  Glue in place. 

 Insert the small baggie of hot chocolate.  Seal.  You can buy small plastic bags at Michael's or other craft  places.
Completed envelope with a Easter theme.

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