Saturday, June 11, 2011


     I saw this advertisement in my Living Without magazine and thought What a great idea, these Allerbing bracelets are!   They are customizable food allergy awareness bracelet for ages 3 and up.  They have few non allergy charms too.  It is a good reminder to care givers of your child's allergies and helps your child remember what they are allergic to.  Click here to visit their website.  The bands are 100% silicone and are latex free.  How cool is that!

Here are some great FAQs that are found on there site.  This is just a sample of questions and answers that I thought were very informative.

Why did you develop AllerblingTM?
When our one-year son was diagnosed with a severe allergy to peanuts, among other food items, we searched for a product, which would help us highlight his food allergies to his caregivers. We wanted to keep him safe, when he was not in our care. We found nothing that he would wear.  (You can read the full story on their website!)

My son is allergic only to peanuts, what should I do with all of the extra holes in the wristband?
Many parents will order several peanut food allergy charms (and tree nut charms to be safe) and place them in the otherwise unused holes in the AllerblingTM wristband, providing extra visibiity to the child's peanut allergy. The same can be done with any child's single food allergy.

My daughter is allergic to strawberries and sesame seeds?
Five new food allergy charms have been released, including: strawberries, sesame, corn, coconut and chocolate. Please visit our online store to order. AllerblingTM continues to develop its Customer Wish List of new food and non-food allergy charms - this helps our Product Development team when designing new charms. Please contact us if you have ideas for new charms or new products.

Why the red medic charm?
The AllerblingTM wristband is not a toy or kid jewelry. It is an important visual communication and awareness tool for your child. It can help your child to communicate important information about his or her food allergies, to day care providers, preschool and elementary school teachers, playdate moms, etc.

My 18-month old was just diagnosed with peanut, milk, and soy allergies? Can he wear the AllerblingTMwristband?
AllerblingTM was designed for ages 3 and up. The medic and allergy charms included in the kit are a choking hazard. But please check back, as we are in the advanced stages of development of an important product for children under 3 years of age.

If I am not completely satisfied can I return or exchange it?
It is very important to us that you are 100% satisfied with the items you have purchased. If you are not happy with your purchases, please return the items within 30 days of purchase. Please contact us for a shipping address if you wish to make a return.


  1. MY son is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, tree-nuts, wheat, oats and ibuphron. Are there enough holes on the braclet?

  2. According to the website, it has five holes, so you can use 5 charms or 4 charms and keep the medical alert charm on they give you.