Sunday, July 3, 2011

Making an ice ring for the holidays

     Ice rings are a great addition to any gathering.  They can be made according to the holiday, using fresh fruits or flowers or even garden vegetables.  With this ice ring, I used all the flowers that were in my garden: hosta flowers, pansies, roses, lavender, and hydrangea.
    Making a ring is very simple.

  1. Get two bowls that are different sizes, ones smaller than the other.  
  2. Be sure that when you choose your bowls that you have enough space between the bowls to insert your choice of decorations.  
  3. Fill your smaller bowl with water, about half to three-fourths full.  
  4. In your larger bowl, begin to fill with water.  Place your smaller bowl inside the larger bowl.  The water will rise.  Make note how far the water comes up the sides.   Add more water if needed, and be sure to leave room to insert your decorations.  When filling my bowl, I left about an inch to two inches from the top rim.
  5. Insert your decorations.  I use a chopstick to help me position my flowers. * (See note below)
  6. Use masking tape to hold your bowl in place once you have it centered.
  7. Freeze overnight.
  8. To release the bowl, let it set out for about 5 minutes, invert, and tap loose.  The great thing about the plastic bowls is that you can slightly twist them like ice cube trays and they come right out. 

Note:  Remember, if you are using flowers, be sure to use ones without pesticides if it is coming in contact with food.  

Notes:  If you can't get your decorations to lay flat after pouring in the water.  Try placing your decorations between the two bowls first and then pour in the water.  

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