Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Easy Eats Digital E-Magazine Review

Photo by Max Straeten

       I have been thumbing through the pages of the new September issue of Easy Eats, the new E-magazine.  It offers 35 receipes this month with beautiful photos for every recipe.

      They have several quick reads I thought were quite good.

  • Nature's Pharmacy, describing what eating certain foods will do for us naturally.  I also liked the 
  • Open Book  where they reviewed The Gluten Free Asian Cookbook.  They must have read my mind, I just bought that cookbook to review myself!  
  •  The Taste Test section was fun too!  They picked a great first topic--Bread!  Everyone needs a good gluten free bread and these are the top picks.   Check it out and see if your favorite brand made the list.  I have missed a couple brands in my own taste testing, so I will be checking out at least two new brand of breads!

     Okay, I could go on and on about other interesting reads in this magazine, but lets get to the best part, the recipes!!  That is what I really get magazines for.  I have to cook dinner at the end of the day and  good quick and easy recipes is just what I need to get through my day.  Here are two that caught my attention:

     Fried Chicken PotPie Poppers
         These were very good.  They didn't taste like pot pie to me, more like croquettes, but I am to blame for that.  I didn't have any shredded chicken on hand, and used ground chicken instead.  Thus the croquettes!  I have to tell you, when you can take a recipe, adjust it to things you have on hand and it still tastes awesome, that is a winning recipe!   My kids devoured them and so did I!  This recipe was a keeper for our family.

Great way to sneak veggies into the meal.  Oops ! These peas didn't do a good job hiding!

Vanilla Glazed Chocolate Chip Doughnuts

I couldn't resist over filling my little doughnut pan.  The pan just looked so pathetic not filled to the top.  So what if they came out a little taller, I got more yum! per bite.  This recipe cranked out 5 dozen little delights that vanished in a blink of an eye.  

    I was pleasantly surprised by the 130 page magazine.  It was like walking into my favorite variety store in Mount Vernon.  Every aisle offers different and unexpected gems.  This magazine has that same feel with unexpected tidbits--yoga for better digestive health! Then there is a list of gluten free asian products to keep as staples in your pantry.  I think this magazine will be a good resource for those of us  that are gluten free.  It is a truly beautiful and well presented magazine.

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