Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ghouls and Witch's Finger GF Pancakes

Every year for Halloween I break out my pancake pen ( or a ziploc baggie, pre-pancake pen days).  
This year it is Ghouls and Witch's Fingers.

Make your favorite pancake batter.
Load your pen and you are ready! 
Make straight lines on your skillet, and place almonds on the tips.  

Flip them over and cook!  Voila!  Fingers!  
Great for little people.  They just dip them in syrup.

Then there are the ghouls with blueberry eyes and mouths.  
It doesn't matter if you put the blueberries down first or if you put them into your batter.  
Just make a face and insert the blueberries for eyes.  I use three blueberries for the mouths.  

Plate them for your little ghouls.  

That spider creeped in and lost a leg!


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