Thursday, October 6, 2011

Better Batter Brownie Mix - No Dairy!

    It has come to my attention, that somewhere on my site, that I have stated that Better Batter Brownie Mix has dairy in it.
    I want to make sure that everyone knows that it DOES NOT  have any dairy.  I can't seem to track down where that may have come from in my posts, so I want to make sure that I get this correction out there.  What it does have is Corn.  So if you have to be careful of corn like us, it is the only mix she has that does have corn as of date.  

    I want to include Ms. Poe's words again about her products here:

A few things: our products except for our brownie mix are corn free - at last check our xanthan gum was grown on sugar beet molasses in the US and there was no protein content in it.

Our pectin is sourced in the United States (California) from lemons grown in CA. We work closely with the first line producer of the pectin and know them personally. No corn issues there.

Financially, I wouldn't suggest you buy it at retail in the store, to be honest.  At your level of use, you'd do better to buy directly from the company. We offer amazing financial aid for families on a fixed income and those with children with developmental issues - I've found most large families qualify for the financial aid program.

Between the financial aid program and our many bulk buying programs available by buying directly, most people find it's actually better to buy from us than to make the Mock Better Batter.

I carefully source every grain and starch in the mix and we can tell you any all all countries of origin, subingredients etc - as a mom who's survived cancer and who has a family with MANY allergies, I'm personally involved in this part of our company, passionately.

Please feel free to contact us via or to call me at 814.946.0958

Naomi Poe
CEO Better Batter 

     I do hope that that clears things up!  Because I can't say enough good things about her mixes.

    And if anyone can point me to my error in my post, please feel free to send me a comment.  I am always open to correction.  Happens to me daily!  

   Thanks everyone!

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