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Getting Started Product Update-Part 2

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I have several older posts about products that are good if you are just starting out Gluten free - Casein free.  New products and cookbooks have come out since then and I wanted to add to my list:

White Sandwich Bread Recipe:

Better Batter has the best Southern Style White Bread  but I recommend visiting their site.  I have tried several of their recipes and I haven't had one disappoint me yet.

And two of my other favorite bread staples:
Italian or Kaiser Rolls
GF Kings Hawaiian Bread (a sweet roll)

Flour Mixes:

Better Batter Gluten Free Flour -- 5 lbs  - this flour is great !  You can also buy it seasoned for you fried chicken or fish Better Batter Seasoned Flour Mix -- 20 oz.  Be sure to go to their website and they have a great recipe archive to get you started.  Try their italian bread! Yum!

The Pure Pantry has several flour mixes that are fantastic as well.  They too have a great recipes on their website .  Be sure to try the Lemon Walnut Bread it is heavenly!
The Pure Pantry Baking Mix, All Purpose Gluten Free, 1.4-Pound
The Pure Pantry Pancake Mix, Old Fashion Gluten Free, 1.4-Pound
The Pure Pantry Pancake Mix, Buckwheat Gluten Free, 1.4-Pound


King Soba Noodle Culture 100% Buckwheat Noodles - loved these noodle.  They are fast cooking - 10 minutes.  Great noodle if you are allergic to rice.

Prepared Mixes (Cookies, Cakes, Brownies, Pie Crust)

Better Batter wins here too!
Better Batter Gluten Free Fudge Brownie Mix -- 20 oz
They also have a yummy yellow cake mix you can buy on their website.

The Pure Pantry mixes are here again:
The Pure Pantry Cake Mix, Dark Chocolate, 21-Ounce
The Pure Pantry Cookie Mix, Old Fashion Chocolate Chip, 18-Ounce
The Pure Pantry Cookie Mix, Sugar, 12-Ounce
The Pure Pantry Cookie Mix, Oatmeal Spice, 18-Ounce

Breads By Anna:
 Their Pie Crust is delicious!  It is the easiest mix I have used.  They also have other bread mixes.  Their Herb loaf bread is great!  These mixes are great if you can't have corn.  Big thing in a lot of their mixes -- no corn !  Yeah!

Already Made Products:

Joan's GF Great Bakes:
Great bagels and love her frozen Italian bread.

Enjoy Life:
Their new handcrafted crunchy cookies are awesome!  All of them are very, very good, but the Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Crunchy Cookie, 7-Ounce (Pack of 6) are super - they are the GF Chips A'hoy version.  They make three other kinds and they are all superb.

Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunch Granola, 12-Ounce (Pack of 3) This granola cereal is new and it is wonderful!  I love chocolate and this is a great granola.

Enjoy Life Foods Rice Milk Chocolate Bar Dairy Free

Baking Ingredients:

Enjoy Life Foods Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mega Chunks 10 Oz - these are just like the mini chocolate chips but are nice sized chunks.
Authentic Foods Dough Enhancer - this is a great product to provide lift to your breads.

Cookbooks I have reviewed and think are awesome:

Allergen-Free Baker's Handbook
Fresh from Elizabeth's Kitchen: Gluten-free & Allergy-Free Recipes
Artisanal Gluten Free Cupcakes

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