Friday, November 4, 2011

C4C had a Tea Party! and Recipes!

I received an invitation to the Per Se Restaurant to celebrate the launch of Thomas Keller's new flour.  It was a dream come to true for a mommy - blogger of many kids, who if you peeped through a spy glass, you would see a crazy lady darting from here to there, ringing dinner bells (we really have one!), preparing and administering medicine, rambling on about the stone age, while chopping veggies for the soup for lunch.  Suddenly she stops and gives the shout out for diaper changes.  It would have been awesome to go, but my reality was calling me loudly!  

I was eager to read the review by Regina Schrambling about the tea party.  I was glad to hear that they served wonderful foods ( reading what they served made my mouth water!)  

It was wonderful to learn that C4C has begun adding recipes to its website.  For all of you who wanted recipes you can check out it out here.   

If you want to try C4C flour, you can now make a meal with his flour using the recipe for buttermilk fried chicken,  bacon-comte biscuits and spiced apple cupcakes for dessert.  My goodness that sounds goooood!!!

   I have also made a few of my favorites with his flour Gluten Free Buttermilk Waffles and Gluten Free Make Ahead Breakfast Cake .

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