Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Time-Service Advent Calendar

     A day late and a dollar short.  
     Somehow around this time of year I seem to be living this phrase more often than not.   I know this now two days late, but I wanted to share an idea that we decided to try this year for Christmas.   I wanted to help my family look out more and look in less.  In a nutshell - be more compassionate.   It is a perfect time of year to bask in the joy of giving.
     The picture I took above ( though a terrible picture!)  is a snapshot of our Christmas Stocking Advent calendar.  On the back of each of these stocking is an activity that is family oriented or doing something that would help others.

   Here is what we did:

  • Print out 24 or 25 stockings.    I loved Milliande's Art Website for the stocking patterns.   As a family, we sat around and colored these.  I laminated them.
  • Cut out numbers and attach to the stockings.  Hang up in a visible place.  Ours hangs above our bay window in the kitchen.  We turn it over every morning.
  • Ideas for family time and service that are listed on the back - Visit a live nativity, drive in the neighborhood and admire your neighbors lights, make gingerbread houses, flash light tag, scavenger hunt, sing Christmas carols,  bake cookies for neighbors and kids friends, movie night, charades, make a Christmas dinner basket for a needy family, go for a family walk, visit an elderly family member or neighbor, adopt a Christmas tree (program to help the elderly),  having a family over for dinner. 
  • As an aside, we do our Christmas Candle before each advent activity.  I have a Christmas Candle poem that I received in church.  My poem isn't exactly like this one here at Sugardoodle website but it has the same idea of remembering the characteristics of Christ.   It is fun to read the scripture outside in the dark.  We light one candle first and that person lighst each of the other family members candles before we read the scripture.  At the end of the scripture reading we blow the candles out all at the same time.  The kids love candles!

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