Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gluten Free Chocolate Mice

I don't know the history of making chocolate mice at Christmas time, but these can be on my table anytime!


2/3 cup dairy free chocolate chips, melted
2 cups gluten free chocolate wafer crumbs
1/3 cup dairy free cream cheese
sliced almonds
non pareils
gluten free black shoestring licorice

Crush the chocolate wafer crumbs in a food processor.
Separate out 1 cup of crumbs.

Add the dairy free chocolate chips that have been melted in the microwave and the cream cheese to the 1 cup of crumbs.
Stir together. 
This will be sticky.  Shape into mice - take about 1 tablespoon (or more, for fat mice) and round into balls, tapering a little at one end.

At this point I made two versions.  
1. Roll in the reserved cookie crumbs.  
They look furry!

2. Not rolled in the cookie crumbs.
I added more cookie crumbs until they were less sticky and a bit more stiff.  

After deciding which you want, roll them into shape and
With a knife cut slits where the almond ears will go.
Insert the almond slices.
Add the nonpareil eyes.
Add the licorice tails.
(my kids don't like licorice so I didn't add tails.  
Instead, we dusted some with powdered sugar for snowy mice.)

Cook's Notes

Possible chocolate wafer cookies :

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