Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ice cream Snowballs - Dairy Free

This dessert is a quick and easy treat that will satisfy all ages.  
You can easily package these for a quick Christmas treat for neighbors 
or for your kids school holiday party.
Usually these are made with just coconut, but let's break out a little
and spice it up with other toppings!


~vanilla dairy free ice cream
coconut, different types of nuts, dairy free chocolate chips, 
chopped cranberries, crushed gluten free dairy free cookies, 
sprinkle, chopped candy, crushed candy canes, 
or any other favorite topping.


Using an ice scoop for large snowballs or a cookie dough scoop for more of a bite size treat or mini's, scoop the ice cream forming balls.  

Dip the scoop in hot water as you work and drop the balls onto a cookie sheet.  
Freeze the balls until firm.   

Remove only a few balls at a time and roll in your choice of toppings. 
Return the balls to freezer to set again. 

Serving ideas

Place decorated balls on spoons, wrap with plastic wrap, tie with ribbon and serve.

Place in a canning jar.  Decorate and give to neighbors.  
P.S. - use a bigger jar than I did here.  Two balls will just not be enough!

Cook's Note
If you want to avoid flattened bottoms on your ice cream balls, use a clean egg carton. 
 You can also stretch plastic wrap over a baking dish and place your  ice cream balls on that. 

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