Monday, December 19, 2011

Maninis Flour Mix Review

      Have you heard of Maninis Gluten free products?  

I hadn't until I got a Google Alert about them in my mailbox.    
    If you are allergic to beans or rice, then these flour mixes are a must for you!  They have several types of mixes- a multi grain bread mix, a country oat bread mix, a peasant bread mix, a pasta mix, and multi-purpose flour mix.  
That is enough to get anybody started eating great gluten free breads
 and baking delicious gluten free foods.  

     What is in their flours?  
Well, each mix has slightly different ingredients but the basis for most of their flours is :
organic millet
organic sorghum
 organic amaranth
Hi-maize resistant starch

For example, here is the ingredient list for their Multi Purpose Flour Mix. 

How do their breads cook up?

  The texture of the breads are light and airy.  The bread rose beautifully and fell very little after baking and cooling.   
I made the country oat bread and the peasant bread. They tasted just like the artisanal loaves you buy in your local supermarket bakery.

The loaf rose perfectly in my warm oven.
Just look at the height of that loaf after it was baked! 
It tasted as good as it looked!

Sliced up and ready for a slather of homemade strawberry jelly!

I made three loaves of their bread on different days and I had consistently great results. 
Different day - different loaf:

And the Peasant Bread was perfect to slice up and make into garlic bread as a side to a meal.

And their Multi-Purpose Flour Mix?

I also made gingerbread cookies with their Multi-Purpose Flour Mix.  
Everyone needs a good all purpose mix to make their favorite recipes.
And at Christmas time, you definitely need good gingerbread cookies!  
I used the Multi-Purpose Flour Mix in the adapted version of Food Network's Gingerbread Cookies. 
( I will post my adaption to that recipe in another post.)
I decided to try a recipe that I had never tried before.  After all, the sign of a good flour is to be able to try new or favorite recipes with your favorite all purpose mix. Having one or two good all purpose mixes is essential to the ease of cooking gluten free. 

The cookies turned out perfect!  
The dough was easy to roll out and needed no extra flour to prevent sticking.

The cookies baked up to a light golden brown.

We of course dipped them in a powdered sugar glaze.



Texture - A+
Taste - A+
Easy of Making - A+
Consistency of Results - A+

I would recommend this flour to anyone.  My family (those of us who can eat corn) loved the breads and the gingerbread cookies! 
 These mixes are well worth having in your pantry.  
Check out their website here.
If you can't get them locally you can order from their website. 
It's great to have another great product on the market to choose from!


  1. Agreed, 100%! I just did a review of Maninis yesterday on my blog. Amazing stuff. I can't wait to try more with it, especially after seeing the pictures of your cookies!

    - Angela (aka Caffeinated Autism Mom)

  2. This stuff really is good! I just hope that it makes its way out here onto the East Coast store shelves!

  3. I made a loaf of the oat bread a couple days ago and it has great flavor and texture, we are very impressed. My only problem with it was that I baked it for 30 minutes (it says 45) and it was medium brown so I took it out, it seems to have cooked through just fine but it concaved slightly on the sides. I made it again tonight and baked it for 25 minutes and it was already fairly golden so I decided to try turning it down to 325 and baked it the rest of the time, it still has concaved a bit on the sides. Should I just leave it at the 375 for the whole time even thought it's browning more than seems normal? I am new to gluten free baking so perhaps I am going off regular baking and just looking for a light - medium golden color. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Well Sarah, first off I am no expert, just have to offer 'what experience has taught me' advice. I do bake lots of bread and some days it looks picture perfect and other days well, it tastes good but it doesn't look quite like those fantastic photos out there.
    So here are a few thoughts, I hope it helps.... First, every climate is different and weather will effect the bread. That said, every time I make their bread, I used a glass loaf pan though their recommend a metallic one. For me, my bread turns out better in glass. Just a thought. If that isn't true for you that is okay, use a pan that provides consistent results for you. Also, no matter what bread I make ( maybe because of my oven - I have electric) I always cover my bread with foil after about 15-20 minutes of baking. At this point it is a beautiful golden brown. I then let it finish cooking the rest of the time. I have played with this particular recipe at different cooking times. As you did, I took it out at around 30 minutes, and once at 45 minutes. Honestly, that is a preference. For me, it is about looks and taste. I think you did the right thing by letting it cook longer than 25 minutes. I wouldn't shorten the time too much. 10 -15 minutes is the normal wiggle room for different ovens.
    If nothing I have said helps, do look at Maninis' website that offers tips and pictures for their bread
    *I almost forgot. Don't skip the part where they tell you to cover it with a towel while it cools. I experimented with that part too, and found that it collapsed more if I didn't do that part.

    Good Luck Sarah! It sounds like you are doing a great job cooking gluten free. The rest is practice. Just keep cooking! If it tastes delicious then you are doing it right. The 'perfect' appearance will come the longer you cook and get the 'feel' for how it looks and cooks. I gotta say though, I can still make some 'funky' looking food that tastes great!

  5. Deborah -
    Thanks so much for your quick response, it is so wonderful to know there are great resources out there as I am embark on this new chapter in my life. I really like your idea of baking it with the foil for the last part, I will try that next time. I just found this website last night and I can't wait to dive in more. I have several family members that are gluten free so it definately makes it easier as they have done some of the research already but I am excited to find new recipes and products. Thank you for your advice and encouragement.

  6. There are lots of great stuff out there. As you search you will find lots of people out there creating wonderful allergy free foods. I am a fan of lots of gluten free foodies out there, and there are soooo many to choose from. I feel really lucky that we live at a time when so many wonderful people have come before and produced some really outstanding recipes that I use everyday. They helped with my confidence in the kitchen, when all I knew how to do was cook with gluten. Hopefully, we can all just keep passing along what we learn and love.

  7. Do you know if you can make their breads using a bread machine? I just bought the Country Oat Bread and a new bread machine and really want to try it out. Thanks!

    1. I make it in a bread machine, but you need to kind of even out the dough along the bottom of the pan sometime early in the rising part of the cycle (after the mixer has stopped spinning, about and hour into a 3 hour cycle for my bread machine - hopefully this makes sense!) The dough turns out pretty thick and so it ends up in a ball on one side of the bread pan and doesn't bake up quite correctly without that extra step, still much easier (less time consuming) than making from scratch as long as you can remember to even out the dough, but you can't quite just put in the ingredients and walk away. I also use lemon juice instead of cider vinegar and I love how our loaves turn out! I think it tastes exactly like homemade wheat bread.

  8. As far as I know it is only with a food processor or a stand mixer. I haven't seen instructions anywhere for a bread machine.

  9. Thanks for this comment. I haven't tried it in the bread machine and glad that you shared your experience and saving us frustration. Thanks for sharing!