Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Did you know this about Whole Foods? Our organic food is from China!

I have to admit I shop at Whole Foods and buy their 365 brand.  I was very disappointed to find out that many of their frozen vegetables as shown in the video below are from China.  Some of these foods are labeled organic and have the United States organic seal and inspection sticker.  None of which actually applies to the food being sold.  The United States doesn't regulate or certify foods as organic if they are from an outside country.
Watch the video now about Whole Foods Frozen Foods! 
And to think this comes out right after they launch (in an Austin, Texas Whole Foods) the idea of offering healthy vegetables for $1.99 to help consumers.   You can read that news article HERE!
What a shame that we not only have to read labels for allergies but to ensure food is really coming from where we think it is.  
Wow!  This just reconfirmed to me to keep my garden going even with my brown thumb and shop at my local farmers market.
In all fairness to Whole Foods, I am sure not all their products come from China, but as with most big food industries, they should be forth coming about where our food comes from.
 Don't put it in microscopic print! 
Just wanted to share my shock and frustration!

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