Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guest Blogger - C4C's Lena Kwak!!!! Yeah!!!

We are just tickled pink to have C4C's Lena Kwak stop by this week and be our guest blogger!  She will delight us with  a session on Whoopie pie's!  Oh how I love a new recipes!
Will we also have a Question and Answer session with Lena, and get to know her better.  Then you can ask Lena questions and she will personally answer you back!

Here is a short introduction to 
Who is Lena Kwak?

As a Research and Development Chef at The French Laundry, Lena Kwak is responsible for testing a wide range of edible innovations, ranging from foie gras bon bons to seawater sorbet. It was her creation of a gluten-free brioche
and the tearful response it inspired in a dinner guest that led to the establishment of C4C, or “Cup for Cup” with Chef Thomas Keller in the Spring of 2010.
After graduating Rhode Island’s Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute in 2007, Kwak served as a private chef and director of her own catering company, dishing out five course meals and cooking lessons. She landed in California while pursuing an internship to satisfy her interest in nutritional science. A single assignment to devise a gluten-free version of Keller’s famed salmon cornet, led her to develop a proprietary flour blend that became the foundation for their new company.
Since launching C4C in August of 2011, Kwak remains committed to guiding its evolution, developing healthy and innovative food products for a conscious new generation.

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