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Question and Answers With C4C's Lena Kwak

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Today is all about getting to know Lena a little better. 
 It is always good know the chef that is cooking in the kitchen! 
 Read on!

Lena, you were named in the Forbes 30 under 30: Food and Wine picks.  What an honor!  Do you feel that you are in the stride of your career, that you have finally arrived, so to say?

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to begin this journey. I try not to revel for too long, in any one moment because it feels like I’ve only just begun and there are so many opportunities ahead.

You have developed a top rate, gluten-free flour, C4C, and you yourself are not gluten intolerant.  In developing C4C flour, what have you learned about the gluten free allergy community?

It’s been exciting to discover the gluten-free community is a dedicated and passionately loyal crowd. I may not be gluten-free, but I’m grateful they have embraced C4C with open arms. I’ve received so many positive emails from people sharing stories of how Cup4Cup has changed their lives for the better. It still surprises me how much of an impact it has made and you guys only inspire me to continue working harder.  

Take a peek behind the scenes of this chef’s busy life!

The most rewarding part of being a chef....

For me, as I am sure it is for many other chefs, it is most rewarding to put my heart and soul into cooking. Presenting a dish you have put a lot of effort into, requires vulnerability. It is so rewarding when someone takes a bite of whatever it is that you have made and just beams with excitement, awe or joy. It’s that look that makes you sigh with relief and satisfaction.

When I have free time, I...

Free time -what is free time? I’m just kidding. Whenever I do have a moment away from work, I try to escape to the beach. Even in the cold weather, the scenery brings me peace of mind.

The most used appliance in my kitchen...

My food processor. It slices; it dices; it purees. I love it.

My biggest guilty food pleasure....

I am almost ashamed to say, but I am such a salt fiend. Salty, crunchy snacks are my kryptonite. Potato chips, tortilla chips, crackers –unfortunately, I do not discriminate.

A tip for working with gluten-free flour...

I recommend using a scale for more precise results. It is so important to ensure the accuracy of volume measurements when baking.  

Also, be fearless in using Cup4Cup to experiment with your favorite recipes. It is so fun to hear people enjoying food they haven’t had for a while.

When I throw a dinner party, a must have on the menu is....

That’s difficult to say because there are so many. I have shared some of my favorites from a recent dinner party here:

·      Deviled eggs with pancetta, sage and caviar 
·      Scallop and white truffle custard 
·      Fresh uni Carbonara
·      Light seasonal salad
·      Cheese with classic accompaniments like local honey, membrillo and nuts
·      I like to serve a plate of my favorite chocolates, like salted caramel squares to nosh on after all the feasting.

Thanks so much Lena for sharing your time and a bit of your self with us here at Raising Allergy Kids.  It was great to get to know you a little better and we wish you much success in your career.  We love your C4C flour!

Thank you, Deborah. It is such a pleasure following your own successes with gluten-free cooking and we look forward to all the culinary adventures that lay ahead. Happy 2012 to everyone.

We are always looking for feedback with C4C – so please don’t hesitate to visit us at and to give us your thoughts and pick up some great new ideas, from fellow busybodies like Deborah.

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