Monday, March 5, 2012

A Story before we Say Goodbye to our Guest Blogger Lena

 A story before we say goodbye to Lena Kwak.....

Chef  Lena Kwak has taken pleasure in cooking for others since she was a child. So when she moved across the country from her native New York to work in the kitchen of The French Laundry, she knew she had found a new home.
Driven by an interest in nutritional science, she developed a gluten-free flour that offered a successful alternative to the main ingredient of the various quick breads and dessert items The French Laundry served.
It was during a dinner service one evening that Kwak witnessed a guest in tears, having enjoyed her first taste of brioche. The woman had not consumed bread in over a decade. Kwak knew this experience had to be shared.
With the support of Thomas Keller, Chef/Owner of The French Laundry, she refined the proprietary blend of flour and set about making it available to a larger audience. They formed a company and named it C4C, an abbreviation of common cooking measurements, to reflect the new product’s ability to replace all-purpose flour in most recipes, “cup for cup.”
In collaboration with gourmet retailer Williams-Sonoma, C4C debuted to home cooks nationwide in August 2011. It is through C4C that Keller and Kwak commit themselves to extending the standards of hospitality for which The French Laundry is regarded.

It is always a joy when we can make a family or restaurant favorite in our our kitchens that we havent' been able to enjoy due to allergies.  It may seem a simple thing to many, but it makes us allergy free folks feel whole again.  I applaud those individuals like Ms. Kwak and Mr. Keller who are committed to making products that help ease the burdens that allergy families endure just to eat.  

Thanks Lena for being our guest blogger and for developing such a quality product.  We wish you the best in all your endeavors!

If you want to ask Lena any questions feel free to post below or you can visit her at or .

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