Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yehuda - Gluten Free Matzo Crackers Review

Once again, I don't know what rock I have been hiding under but these crackers are some AWESOME!!!
It is Passover time and these are out all over town in the markets.  I have been stocking up because around here they are only available during this time.
The toasted onion is so tasty that I ate half a box!  I use these in my meatloaf and as a binder in my food.  The plain crackers are great slathered with peanut butter or smoked oysters.
If you haven't tried these crackers, I highly recommend them.  They taste just like gluten crackers!  If you don't live near someplace that sells them, you can buy Yehuda Matzo Style Squares, Gluten Free, 10.5000-ounces (Pack of 3) from Amazon.  I guarantee you will not be sorry!

Here are the ingredients:


  1. also check out for this and other tasty kosher celiac snacks!

  2. Thanks Jess for the tip! I have one child that can't have rice and thesir noodles are perfect!

  3. Check out this Gluten Free Passover cookbook on iTunes from The recipes are amazing and can be prepared any day.