Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Better Batter Ingredients - An Update on presence of corn in the xanthan gum

I love Better Batter and I use it all the time. 
  I wanted to post this update about it containing corn. 
 Brandsmom from my GFCF yahoo posted this letter from 
Better Batter about corn being present in the xanthan gum ? 
 Check out their response below:

Please read below for our statement about corn in our products and
xanthan gum in our product:

Enclosed you will find our statement on Xanthan Gum - this statement
guide should be helpful to you both in determining if our product is
appropriate for your needs and in general knowledge for other products
utilizing xanthan gum.

Here is the information about the xanthan gum used in our products.
Xanthan Gum is present in all formulations produced by Better Batter.

We are also including information about other potential corn presence
our products:

If you have any further questions after reading our statement, please
free to ask!


Our current supplier predominately uses sugar beets in the growth
of the xanthan gum. However according to their representatives "from
to time, corn is used as the growth medium,, dependent on time of year
beet-sugar availability." Our supplier does not *guarantee* sugar beet
only production at any time, as this is dependent on avalability.

Here is the information received from our supplier regarding xanthan
from corn:

"Our xanthan gum is classified as 'corn free' according to US Federal
regulatory guidelines."

Further from the producer:

Xanthan gum derived from corn is not derived from a corn source with
protein content, but is instead derived from corn-dextrose. Corn
a highly refined product, contains no protein. The gum, once grown, is
further refined. No trace proteins remain. This process is similar to
distillation of alcohol or vinegar from gluten-containing grains
(distilled products have been declared safe by all reputable celiac
certifying agencies and medical establishments).

Information received from our supplier lists this product as protein
demonstrating no protein content. The manufacturer of our xanthan gum
indicated that this is a completely protein free product and should be
labeled corn free. Third Party Lab tests have historically confirmed
presence of any form of protein in the gum.

Anecdotally, Our many corn sensitive customers have reported no
to using our product over the course of 5 years.

Please note: Although our all-purpose flour and pancake mixes can be
classified as corn-free, we do not *guarantee* free-of status for
derivation from corn because our supplier does not guarantee it will
always provide sugar beet derived xanthan gum. You will need to use
discretion when deciding whether these products are appropriate
for your needs.

NOTE: Our brownie mix contains cornstarch and would not be appropriate
your needs.

We are federally certified with a very strict HAACP program for the
prevention of cross contamination of all allergens.

Warmest Regards,
The Staff at Better Batter

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