Monday, May 14, 2012

Galaxy Nutritional Foods Vegan Shreds-Product Review

Whenever I hear about a new cheese on the market I wonder, will it really taste like cheese, or will it become like a pile of dried hard twigs on my pizza.  
I have had that happen!

Then I tasted Daiya Cheese.  It melted and didn't turn into hard sticks when baked.
Now, there is a new cheese in town.
It's dairy free, casein free, and soy free!
Totally a big deal for our family because we have a child that is soy free and we
didn't have a suitable cheese substitute.

This new cheese is from Galaxy Nutritional Foods Vegan Mozzarella and Mexican Style Shreds.
  The most important cheese test questions must be asked:
Does it melt?
It sure does!  
Does it stretch?
Yep.  It does what I call short stretches.  
Nothing will ever do those long stretches like real cheese.
Does it taste good?
It does!  

I received two bags of cheese to test in my kitchen.
The first thing I made was lasagna.
Look at the way it melted on that tomato sauce!
Yum!  And I got nine others who would back me up on that.

I made cheese on toast
(as it was so affectionately called in my house growing up.  Everyone else calls it cheese bread.)
This cheese made the perfect toast,  just brush the bread with garlic oil before adding the cheese.

The Verdict: 

This cheese is great as a component in a dish, but don't be shy to let it shine as a main ingredient.
This cheese has great taste and melts soft and smooth.  
 I also used this cheese to make loaded nachos, and mac and cheese and they both turned out fabulous.
And if any of you out there were bummed because you read all those great reviews and recipes that used Daiya, don't pout any longer.  This cheese is the perfect replacement for those of you who can't use Daiya's shreds because of soy. 

Here's our Report Card:
Taste: A
Melting: A
Compares to other dairy free cheese: Excellent

Move over Daiya Cheese, this cheese offers great taste without the soy!
Cheers for those of us that are soy free!


  1. I want to try this new cheese; however, spending a small fortune on Daiya ($8 per package where I am) and throwing it out did not sit well with me. I found Daiya to be sweet tasting which really turned me off. Did you find that with Daiya or the Galaxy cheese you just tested?

  2. Cynthia, I have to say you got me! I don't remember thinking that Daiya Cheese tasted sweet. So of course you got me thinking and I ran to my kitchen and tasted some of my Daiya cheese. (And by the way WOW! on paying 8 dollars a package. I thought $6 was expensive.)
    You are right, there is an initial sweet taste that gives way to a tangy taste. I think that is why I never noticed. I don't usually eat it right out of the bag, and when I used it in my baked dishes, I never noticed the sweet taste.
    So on to your question. For me even in lasagna, grilled cheeses,or on salads I didn't taste the sweetness. And unfortunately I don't have any more Galaxy to taste directly out of the bag. I did eat the mexican right out of the bag and thought it tasted much like the Daiya, but without having any more to try out, and specifically look for that sweetness, I don't feel that I could accurately say. It had that same tangy taste, and reminded me of nutritional yeast.
    Because of price, I would find a dairy free comrade that would let you have a taste. I am not sure how expensive this cheese is, I haven't seen it in our supermarket yet.
    Hope that helps.

  3. But but but... daiya shreds dont have soy!!! They're basically the same ingredients as the new galaxy shreds. I feel quite sure, at least the ones I have are! I have a question too. I read the galaxy vegan shreds are milder in flavor or a bit different than the daiya. Some have said... "Galaxy vegan shreds dont have the dayian-ese flavor" (that some people dont like). I didnt love daiya so I was goin to call my local grocery to ask for Galaxy Vegan but now that youve said it tastes the same, Im wondering!