Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gluten Free Pie Parfaits

Tis the season of farmer's markets and road side stands, and I just can't resist buying those perfectly ripe jewel toned fruits.  I momentarily forget that I have several blueberry bushes in my own garden, that is until I get home and forgot that I had to water the bush.  There is just something about the buzz of the markets and the beautiful display of fruit that it calls to me to spend money... "Buy me!" those little fruits cry out.    And I do! Oh and I do!

All the way home I dream of what I am going to make... smoothies... bread... oh and don't forget, PIE!   Today I left that vanilla cubed cake behind and opted to make pie parfaits instead.

This recipe uses your favorite pie, layered with dairy free ice cream and tops it off with cookie crumbles.  It is great if you want to serve it in buffet fashion with different types of pies, ice cream, and cookies so that guests can mix and match.  Place them in fun glasses or jelly jars and you are set!

I made a blueberry strawberry pie.

Place a slice of pie in the bottom of your cup and press it down in there.
Add a layer of your favorite dairy free vanilla icecream.

Add another layer of pie and ice cream.  They top off with your favorite cookie that you crumbled.
I made a batch of snickerdoodles for my cookie topping.

The cinnamon sugar makes the perfect topping for this combo. 

Here are some of my favorite pie recipes:

These were sooooooo good!!!!!

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