Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ice freeze pops - Dye Free Corn Free Gluten Free

Strawberry Lemonade Flavored Ice

Who doesn't remember growing up with those
 plastic brightly colored, rainbow wands of flavored ice!

But you know that when you pick up one of those flavored iced treats, that they are most certainly laden with dyes and corn syrup.  With temperatures running high and wanting an ice pop that would be healthier, I was off to the kitchen to make a dye free, corn free version.  How hard can it be right?  It's flavored ice!

This recipe is so simple with only two ingredients, so be sure to experiment.  Use juice that contains no additives, preservatives, or dyes.  I love blueberry pomegrante juice by POM as well as Strawberry Lemonade by Trader Joe's.  Pineapple juice with a little coconut milk would be a wonderful tropical treat!  The combinations are limitless!

Grab that blender, imagination, and make up some up exotic names to go with those refreshing magical wands you are about to make!

You will need a FoodSaver or something of the sort to make these look like the real thing.  
 If don't have a Food Saver, try them in a push pop mold.

2 cups of ice
1 cup favorite juice


In blender, place ice and juice.  
Blend on high until it is smooth like a slushy.
As you can see below, I will need to run it a little longer
next time to get rid of those little chunks.

Pour into your pre-made Food Saver sleeves (see below
how to make these before you start making
the ice slush) or pour into a mold.

Freeze until solid.

How to make the sleeves from your Food Saver Bags:

*Making the sleeves first will prevent the ice from melting
in your slushy before you can get them into your bags and sealed.

Cut a strip as wide as you want your pop to be.  
This one ended up being kind of skinny.
Remember to allow room to seal the sides.

Seal the one edge.

Turn it around and seal the other edge.

Now the tube is totally enclosed.

Cut the end off.  Creating a tube to be filled.

Once they are filled, seal the end.

It is easier to seal these if you let it hang over the
 side of your counter while sealing the pouch.


  1. Very Cool idea!!

    Trader Joes also offers these pre-made, as "Strawberry Pops" & "Peach Pops" yum!! Cant wait to try your idea.

  2. I have tried those Trader Joe's Pops and they are devoured in my house. They are good. I just can't buy enough of them to keep them around!

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