Sunday, June 3, 2012

King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Pan

King Arthur Flour has a pan that 9"x4"x4" that is advertises:
Taller, narrower 9” x 4” x 4”-deep pan is ideal for gluten-free yeast loaves, which require more support as they rise and bake. The extra-tall sides on this pan offer that added support, creating a beautifully shaped loaf, ideal for sandwiches.

I thought well, okay that all makes sense, right.  Time to put it to the test.  
I made my tried and true loaf of bread that I make every morning.

The bread turned out beautiful!  
The loaves were taller and the pan produced a nice crusty outside.
After letting it cool on the wire racks.  I sliced the bread ...
Ooooh, it was perfect!

Next, I wanted to try some other breads.  I baked gluten free pound cake.

It had that beautiful crispy crust.  It was yum! 
(I divided the batter between two pans to get a shorter loaf.)

I also made blueberry pecan bread.
This time I placed all of the batter in the pan.
The loaf was higher and it baked up moist and delicious.  

KAF also posted this about this pan:
  • The unique corrugated surface provides air circulation all around, for better browning, more even baking, and perfect release.

My loaves came out easily and the baking was even.
This pan was truly wonderful!
I loved this pan so much that I bought three pans!  
For the loads of baking that I do, these pan produced great results.

If your are interested in this pan, they are running a special now, 
that if you order three you get 20% off!
Check it out King Arthur 9x4x4 pan

I give this pan a thumbs up!

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