Sunday, August 19, 2012

Allergy Apparel


It is time to gear up for the new school year and that oft times means leaving your darlings in the care of someone else.  If you have to send kids to daycare or preschool and are worried about care givers not being alert enough about food allergies,  I have a suggestion for you.....Allergy Apparel!
I found this company as I surfed the Internet and thought what a brilliant idea.  The clothes stand out and they are adorable!  
I think the reason there products click for me, is that I use this same method whenever I take my kids to big events -- amusement parks, museums, picking at the orchard.  We all wear the same brightly colored shirts.  We are easy to spot in a crowd and it makes it easier to find each other.  

The idea behind these shirts are the same to me.  They say "HEY LOOK AT ME - PAY ATTENTION!"  and gently reminds the teacher that your child has allergies, and please be mindful!

I spoke with the company and if you order, you can get free shipping with the promo code listed above. 

What first caught my attention was their awesome shirts!  I love the skull and cross bones logo!
What a way to get the teacher's attention!  If your child wears one of these shirts for the first week, boy are they gonna be remembered.  
If you don't see the allergy listed that you need for your shirt, AllergyApparel will customize the shirt for you. 

Want something more sedate or a combination of things your child can wear on different days?  Then check out their wide selection of allergy wristbands.

And their lunchboxes are the cutest things you ever did see!  They have an wide selection of prints and  styles - including a cooler style.  My favorite is the camouflage but the outer space theme runs a close second!

They carry more products that I haven't even tags, badges, various epi pen holders,  baking products and labels.

Don't forget to use the promo code on your order: Allergykids!

PS:  I don't get paid to advertise their products!  The opinions are my own. 
 I like to share resources that help us keep our allergy kids safe!

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