Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spiral Hot Dogs!

Okay this is a FUN post!
  I saw a  CHOW Video on why you should spiral hot dogs.  
Beyond their cool appearance, these hot dogs really are awesome! 

The spiraling process allows for more surface area equaling more caramelization.  
It is super YUM!

All it takes is a skewer that you run through the hot dog.  
Cut the hot dog continuously on an angle with your knife.  
Slip the hot dog off the skewer 
and it is ready to grill!

My kids took a double take at these dogs, voiced how strange they looked, devoured them, and clamored that we need to always spiral our hot dogs.  

Give it a try, it is wonderful!
You can spiral wide or narrow!


  1. My kids have seasonal allergies and some food allergies, as well. But I'm glad they don't have any allergies with hotdogs especially these spiral ones right here. Thanks for the recipe by the way! It's a different way to eat hotdogs,that's for sure. Also, if you're kids are also allergic to dander, there are some dog breeds that are "hypoallergenic" and won't cause any allergic reaction at all. If you need to see what breed made the list, see it here