Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Gluten Free Bakery-- The Happy Tart

For those of you that live in the Washington D.C. area there is a new Gluten Free Bakery in town that is a must!
The Happy Tart !
They make the most wonderful breads and pastries!
All their foods are gluten free and they do have dairy free and corn free items.
Check out some of their labels that I have included in the pictures below.

 This bakery makes beautiful cakes that you can special order.  They will work with you if you have other allergy requirements.
 Here is a sample of some of their gorgeous Gluten Free Cakes:

Their pastries are equally as beautiful and delicious.  
I love their chocolate crinkle cookie, and their charlottes are fantastic, oooh and their coconut cupcakes are divine..... and by the way I am gaining weight!

And of course they do sell bread. 
 Awesome breads that don't have rice flour!  Very hard to find!
They have pizza crusts, baguette chips, brioche, traditional french loaves that come in a variety of flavors, including rosemary, pecan, fennel raisin, olive and plain.  We love the rosemary, pecan, olive and plain!   Be sure to call ahead and order your loaves.  If you just walk in often times they are sold out.  

If you want to pay them a visit here is their info:
2307 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, Va 22301

This place is a real gem and their prices rival anything you find in the grocery stores.  The beauty here is that their's baked fresh and there aren't any preservatives!

I buy their bread in bulk and it freezes nicely.  I have kept mine for about a month and it thaws and microwaves beautifully.  You can also toast it if you don't want to microwave it.  
Good Stuff!

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